Windows Sandboxing 5

Dylan Greene has a good post about how sandboxing Windows could make computing a lot more secure.

Since Longhorn will be using Avalon, which is a .Net API, I don’t see why this would not be possible. .Net already has most of these security features built in and Longhorn will most likely use .Net 2.0, so there is room for some changes.

  • Dylan Greene

    Cool, thanks for the link Erik. I’ve been inspired by your DHTML work for the last several years and I’m looking forward to what you’re able to do with Avalon and XAML.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    I recognized your name and I know you have been an active visitor of WebFX.

    Yeah… I can’t wait to get my hands on XAML. I just wish I could work with that for a living. I just hope most of the info presented at the PDC will be available to MSDN Subscribers.

  • Dylan Greene

    If XAML is availabled via IE, imagine what it will do to the web… basically all the fancy DHTML hacking we do today will be automated via Avalon.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Well, XAML is available today as XUL in Mozilla. The difference is that Microsoft has the market domination and able to get people to start using an XML for Application and User interface Language.

    Although XUL is pretty good a believe that XAML will be better. MS has a lot more experience than Netscape about how to design forms APIs and application APIs.

    I just hope the rendering engine for XAML will support DOM2(3) and CSS2/3 so that it can replace this outdated application they call Internet Explorer.

  • foO

    XAML? first i’ve heard of it… damn, now i’ll need to go look it up :)

    nice place for longhorn hints @… they havent said too much, other than linking to other’s posts and rumors, but alot of these guyz are in “the know” – personally, i cant wait for Longhorn to get here!