RIAA Makes Me Laugh

Sharman Networks are suing RIAA because RIAA has been using illegal, cracked version of Kazaa to spy on users. The RIAA commented on this with:

The Recording Industry Association of America called Sharman’s “newfound admiration for the importance of copyright law” ironic and “self-serving.”

Self serving? That’s exactly what I would call RIAA. They are using copyright laws to make more money to themselves and enslaving the creators of the material by forcing the authors to sign “work made for hire” agreements. These contracts takes the ownership away from the author. See Orson Scott Card’s article at Art Watch.

In other words, the people complaining about all the internet “thieves” are, by any reasonable measure, rapacious profiteers who have been parasitically sucking the blood out of copyrights on other people’s work.