Bindows 0.92 2

Today we reased our third Beta of Bindows (0.92). I think we are rapidly progressing towards a 1.0 release. The user feedback has been excellent and we have squashed almost all of the known bugs. It is really interesting to see how well people are taking on this API.

User Demos

It would be really cool if people could submit their test apps. I would love to see what this bright community can acheive.

  • Guilherme Blanco

    You already know my comment…
    It’s a pleasure to help you with tests, and other things realted to your project. Feel free to contact me when you want.

  • foO

    yo erik.. why dontcha make a lil Bindows app that i can load up in the *new* FooDESKTOP v1.5?

    just give me the URL to the app, and default size dimensions (width/height) and i’ll add it to the Footie :)

    just an idea… heh