Same As it Ever Was 4

It is now clear that the Swedish people do not want any change. Somehow I find it odd that the Swedes are satisfied with falling behind the other OECD countries and that they believe that saying no to change will help Sweden change this pattern.

It is also clear that the Swedes do not want to be part of Europe and that we want to wait and see! What kind of reasoning is that? A friend of mine gave a pretty good allegory: If you want to buy stocks you should buy at the beginning. Waiting until the value of the stocks has increased just makes them more expensive and you missed a good investment.

This also reminds me about the discussions a few years before the referendum about Sweden joining the EU back in 1994. Some commie suggested that we should trade with the Soviet Union instead! Like a communist planned economy would have any money or goods to trade!

  • Emil A Eklund

    Being a member of the European Union and the first two tiers of EMU, but not taking the third and final step towards it is like buying a happy meal without the toy.

    Makes no sense, what so ever. Days like these I hate this country, perhaps I can seek political asylum in a sane country based on this outcome?

  • base

    yet another reason for me to stay down under and never return to .se

    Not sure this is a much more sane country though, but the weather sure kicks ass.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    base: Where do you live?

  • Emil A Eklund

    <base> Down under