TB 0.2 and Blogging 1

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 is out. This version is based on Mozilla 1.5b so it should be even more stable than it has been before (not that it has ever crashed). Main improvements to this build is that it is a bit faster than 0.1. Still it is a bit slow but the features make up for the speed and the clunky Netscape Mail & News like interface.

I have found out that it is harder to maintain a blog than I first thought. Although I have lots of opinions about lots of things I find it hard to write down these. I think it is because I don’t want to write an essay every time and if it is too short it will be hard to get the point through.

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    i havent tried out Thunderbird 0.2, but i’m sure i’ll download and check it out… hell, it’s gotta be better than Outlook Express, right? *grinz*

    as for blogging, i hear ya… some people put more time and effort into their blogs, and it usually shows… longer, more details posts.. others (like me, typically) keep their blog entries short and to the point.

    there’s nothing that says you cant do both, tho, y’know? :)

    hit us with some long posts, buddy…. i, for one, will enjoy reading ‘em!