Bindows in the Blogs 4

There has been a few blogs about Bindows while I’ve been on my vacation (as well as a few 100 messages in the Forum)

Don Park writes:

It seems pretty slow though. I suspect that most, but not all, of the slow speed is due to the server-side misdesigns.

Bindows is a client side only framework. However, the web server that is serving the files is a bit slow, especially from the States. You should try downloading the framework and install it on your local machine or on your intranet and you’ll hardly even notice the loading progress bar.

  • Don Park

    Erik, I am aware of Bindows being a client-side DHTML framework. Applications built with it is, however, vulnerable to application architecture thta depends heavily on dynamic server-side data.

    Looking at the chart demo, I don’t think the delay is entirely due to framework loading speed.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Agree. There is definately something fishy going on with the LogChart app

  • Erik Arvidsson

    You can try the REST interface directly using

    Params (all are optional):
    from=ISO DATE
    to=ISO DATE

    Just calling the above URI can take as much as a minute :’(

  • Don Park

    Yup. Something wacky going on. Maybe you should upgrade your server to Atari 800?;-p