RSS Reader Part 2 3

Asa Dotzler gave me a list of RSS readers to try out. I’m currently giving RSS Reader another try. It is maybe a bit too basic but I like the concepts of using bookmarks. Once I get back from my vacation I’ll see if I can get it to at least mark feeds with unread posts in bold. (Last time I tried the extension I modified it to at least use bold/normal for unread/read posts. I don’t understand why the author choose to use a blue/slate color instead?)

I should also try out News Monster again. Last time I tried it didn’t really work with Firebird but that’s supposed to be fixed now.

I did try out Feed
from BradSoft. It seemed to have some good features but the usage of Trident was a complete turnoff. Once mankind learnt to control the fire there was no going back to the darkness… (IE Rant #6)

  • boogs

    Eric –

    Congrats on the new blog! I’ll look foward to reading frequently.

    I read back to the beginning of the posts, but I don’t see what has inspired this recent rage against trident. What’s up? I mean besides that it’s old and outdated, did it do something specific to you? Break your skateboard maybe?

  • Erik Arvidsson

    The main issue I have with IE is that it is outdated, buggy, feature incomplete and there isn’t any hope because 90%+ of the web still use it and that won’t change for a long time because MS is not releasing a new browser before Longhorn.

    I used to rage agains NN4. Because it was outdated, buggy and feature incoplete and that was back when NN4 had 80%+ used it.

    Most likely I’ll start to pick on Gecko once it reaches a too big share and if I think there is a better alternative.

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