Bindows is Live 5

Bindows is the project I’ve been working with during the last year.

“Bindows™ is a Graphical User Interface Toolkit for writing rich client side web applications with the look, feel and behavior of modern Windows™ applications. Bindows applications are lightweight applications with zero footprint which means no installation required.”

Bindows is a Swing/WinForms like GUI toolkit and as a proof of concept I’ve created a new front end to the WebFX Dynamic Webboard using this toolkit. The backend uses the REST interface which I’ve hinted about earlier in the XML group at the WebFX Webboard.

There are also several more sample applications that you can test online or you can download the framework to play with it locally.

  • foO

    wow……. so you really *have* been busy on something, i see! :)

    very effin kewl, erik… the forum looks kickass and i dig the way to works and preloads things, seems alot more ‘dynamic’, and just feels pretty damn fast… are you using RPC calls?

  • Erik Arvidsson

    We’re using REST style web services. This means that the call to the server is normal GET/POST where the URI describes the resource and the result is just a plain XML document with the data.

    You can call it RPC if you want. It is just a matter of getting fresh data from the server using XmlHttp.

  • foO

    very kewl…. think i might have to check out this REST a bit, and see what i might be able to use it for… looks and sounds really kewl, especially with having something you can actually see and use that displays it, y’know?

    /goes to readup on XMLHttp

  • Scipt Daddy!

    Kewl … once again you’ve proving what a kick ass web developer you are.

    P.S. …. You might want to remove me from the links as my site is closing down soon. :(

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Gone :’(

    Now I need some new links because it is getting a bit empty in the links list :-)