Weekend in Malmö/Copenhagen 7

I had a very nice weekend in Malmö and Copenhagen. Malmö is definately the place to be if you like skateboarding and happen to live in Sweden.

On Saturday the rain was falling down so we spent the day at the indoor park, Bryggeriet, in Malmö. Most likely the best skatepark in Sweden. On the evening we went to a skate party at something called Savannen. A small, very rough, cement park. It was fun even though skatewise there were too many people.

On Sunday we took the bridge over to Denmark and Copenhagen where we skated Faelledparken. I must say that this is the best skate park I’ve been to. Outdoors, asphalt and SMOOTH with plenty of well built obstacles.

Before gooing back to Gothenburg we stopped at the beach in Malmö where we skated a mini ramp and bathed in the ocean. A pretty nice, mellow session to end a perfect weekend. My friend Eda managed to get a pretty nice image of me doing a frontside rock.

  • http://www.forgetfoo.com/ foO

    dewd, that sounds like an awesome weekend :)

    hell man, i didnt know ya sk8′d *grinz* schweeeeet… i grew up sk8′n and i still luv to watch videos, checkout the magz… might need to dust off my wheels one day and hit some park benches… sure it would be pretty funny, but fun as hell… haha

    btw, that’s an spiffy pic of ya on the frontside rock, mang.. :) never seen a pic of ya before, bud! now i can put a face to the Legend… heh

  • http://www.pontukom.com Guilherme Blanco

    Got a nice weekend, Erik!

    It’s the second pic I saw of you and… dammit! You are really ugly! =P
    Just kidding… I tryed a long time ago learn to skate but… that’s not for me. =(

    I hope you subcribe your site to SigRing too. I already do my account, it’s under voting now.

  • kurt

    Hälsingnar, Erik.

    Min hustru och jag semstrade i Sverige tre år sedan. Jag tycker Malmö år likadans min egen stad, Houston, Texas — vid kusten, oälskad, många fabriker! Det var hem till mej!

    Skåne är också ganska kul. Jag kan «ikke» skånsk, men vem orka här?

    Ringer du 08- för hem, eller vad då?

    hejsan från Texas….

  • hehe

    Skåne är också ganska kul. Jag kan «ikke» skånsk, men vem orka här?

    haha för fan humor!

  • anita V

    hi! my name’s anita, and i’m a portuguese architecture student. i’m currently doing a work

    about the shore promenade in malmo, but i’m short on pictures! specially detailled

    pictures! could you perhaps help me? do you have pictures? i would be very much


    thank you by taking the time to read this!!

    Anita Vinagre

  • elspeth lee

    hi, dont know if youve found details yet but i came across your post and said id reply just in case. if you check out the detail magazine website youll find detail drawings as well as plans and sections of the promenade. Also an arch student (ireland) and found them really helpful. hope this helps!

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    Sounds like a fun time. Great Blog!!