When Good Hip Hop goes Pop 2

About a week ago a was visiting my local record store. Holding the new Common album in my hand. Due to limited time I could not listen to it at the store so I decided not to buy it but download it and listen to it before spending 15 euros on it.

I’m so happy that I didn’t buy that piece of shit. This album is pretty much your average commercial, Outkast-style pop crap. How could this happen? Like Water for Cocolate was and still is one of my favorite albums (with beats by Primo and Jay Dee it is bound to be good). I just wonder what happend to Common? He used to be one of the best MC? Maybe he still is but with these wack production and more singing than the average country album it is a sure waste of time and effort.

  • Max Hernandez

    word man, i actually haven’t heard the new common yet, other than that song with mary j blidge, but i know what you mean by good hip hop turnin pop, it’s all record label bullshit, artist who are willing to sell out for fame get hella shaped up from their labels and just sound totally fuckin wack, common is still a dope mc, i’m thinking he probably tried to get a little experimental with this album from what my friends have told me, but this pop shit is the reason a lot of cats are doin independent shit now, it’s all real music with no labels tellin u how to run your shit just to get radio play, there’s a fat revolution happening with independent hip hop artist that has never happened before, it’s only gonna be time until everyones aware of the full culture of hip hop, not just this media corporate rap shit, peace out, Max Hernandez

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    “word man”
    “tellin u how to run your shit”
    “fat revolution”

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