I guess I Got Foo 10

Foo blogged about him trying to convince me to start my blog…. I guess I owe it all to him then :-) Seriously though if we had not had our chat on Saturday I would most likely not have gotten this shit done.

While you are at his place you really should check out his Outlook 2k3 look-alike frontend to his weblog. It is really something extra. This is the way DHTML should be done with the minor exception that it did not work in Firebird. It worked fine in Opera 7 and IE97 (IE Rant #3).

  • http://www.forgetfoo.com/ foO

    AWESOME MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! :) damn, too you long enuff… hahahahaha

    mention it in chat and 2 dayz later ya got a blog up and running…. damn, that was fast, huh? ;)

    looking really kewl, too… luv’n the CSS style’n here… and yeah, remember – IE luvs PNG’s *chuckle*

    /bookmarks it

  • jetfoo


    Awesome, I love this, work like a dream in MOZ1.4, sucks in ie5.5sp1, dont look pretty & dont work wright. Now your must make emil, do the same!
    Blog the world!

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    I do not care about IE5.x… I even consider making the pages being served as application/xml+xhtml which would rule out IE6 as well.

    The layout works fine in Opera 7, Mozilla 1.4+, KHTML and any other DOM2/CSS2 browsers

  • Emil A Eklund

    The idea of blogging hasn’t even crossed my mind previously, although it could prove interesting I guess it will take a lot of encouragement to get me started.

    The “erik’s weblog” has a line break between erik and weblog in firebird and konqueror for me, perhaps my font? (gnome 2.2 under x11 4.3 on FreeBSD 4.8)

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    I got the line break in KHTML but in not in Moz 1.4 under Red Hat 9. I guess I should decrease the font size a little and setting white-space: nowrap;

  • http://www.wdonline.com Jeremy McPeak

    Well, I’ll be…. I saw the news at Foo’s so I imediately followed the link and added to my favorites. Keep it up, Erik!

  • http://hzr.dzygn.com hzr

    Looking really good Erik. Looking forward to read this weblog :)

  • http://www.forgetfoo.com/ foO

    another note on the design/style… yeah, i’m a bitch about the detailz *chuckle*

    under IE6 there seems to be a small ‘gap’ at the bottom of the left column at the bottom of the page… looks like it’s cutoff, and you can see the border of the main content area underneath/below…

    see what i mean? just thought i’d mention it since i was here looking around… tho it looks great under Firebird 0.6.. big surprise, huh? lol

  • Emil A Eklund

    Works now :)

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    I fucking hate doing vertical layout… It totally blows and IE is not helping to make it easier. Not that I really care about IE but I’ll see if I can figure out what is causing the artefacts in my version of Gecko and while I’m at it I’ll rethink the whole vertical bullshit again.