General Layout Completed

I’ve created a new CSS based layout. I got the ideas for the layout from the Zunflower layout made by Radu Darvas for the Zen Garden site. Although not even close to being as nice as the source of inspiration this one has a few nifty tricks up its sleave.

I originally wanted to achieve the layout without JS but I just could not figure out how to achieve the vertical layout correctly without a script. However, by adding a script I could make the layout a bit smarter. For example it uses fixed positioning for the side bar if there is enough room to see it. Things like that just cannot be done using CSS.

And while I’m at it: The layout is totally scalable. Try Ctrl+Mouse Wheel (or Ctrl+’+’). This was done using only em units throughout the CSS file.

Still need to update the rest of the pages/templates…

uhhh… one more thing… had to replace the nice transparent PNGs with opaque PNGs due to bugs in Internet Explorer (IE rant #1) :-)